11 Most Creative Pre-wedding Photo-Shoots Ideas You Should See.

Before the big day, couples take pre-wedding pictures which used to be strictly for souvenirs back in the days as a kind of support their “how we met” or “how he proposed” stories etc. Most times back then pre-wedding photo-shoots are taking during engagement or proposal as the case may be but has now become a prerequisite literally. Every couple needs a pre-wedding session before they say ‘I Do’.  The best memories of a pre-wedding session are never really about the pictures, but how those pictures were made. Most times, the best memories are always about the experiences shared between the partners and their photographers during these sessions.  Over the years, so many concepts have been brought into pre-wedding photos and top of it all is the traditional outfits blended into village background concept.

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Villages are seen as where one can connect or trace their ancestral roots, spend quality time with family members, learn about culture and their traditions as well as to just experience the rural life.  It’s no wonder why the African village/Nollywood village theme is an inspiration for some couples especially Nigerian couples who love to showcase their traditions, and also because they will have to go to the woman’s village to do the traditional ceremony.

Here are some perfectly duplicated village themed pre-wedding photo-shoots done by these couples, taking us back in time. These are scenes that can be recreated even while far away from home (diaspora).

11. Waterfalls Inspired Photo shoot

These stunning pictures were taking at Erin-Ijesha (Oluminrin) waterfalls in Osun state Nigeria, by Debola Styles Photography | Instagram

10. Nature Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo-shoot is a reminder of our kiddies days when we do the boyfriend snd girlfriend “hide  and seek” games. These beautiful pictures of was taking by SpicyIncStudio | Twitter | Instagram

9. Igbo Red Capped Chief Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo shoot takes us back in time to the village settings of the Igbo nation. These “unsigned” pictures of the couple; Nzebuchukwu and Obinna looks so beautifully set.

8. Village Lovebirds Inspired Photo-shoot. 

This photo-shoot as simple as it appears tells a story of two village love birds. These stunning pictures of this couple; Tope and Gbenga was taken in Isefun Ayobo in Lagos Nigeria by Jide Odukoya Photography | Instagram

7. Village Farmer Inspired Photo-shoot.

These amazing photo shoot tells a story of a village farm boy who fell in love. These pictures of the couple; Yemi and Pelumi where taken somewhere in Ibadan, Oyo state in Nigeria by AYTWINS PHOTOGRAPHY | Twitter | Instagram

6. The Priest Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo shoot is actually not in traditional outfits like the others  but the uniqueness of it is the story it tells, the love between a Priest and a Priestess or more like a god and a goddess. This photo-shoot of the couple Loretta and Niyi was done by George Okoro | Instagram

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5. Village Hunter Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo shoot tells a story of a hunter and a pepper seller from the early centuries of the Yoruba nation before colonization. These pictures of Patrick and Toyin were taken somewhere in Oyo state Nigeria by Bunmi Adedipe | Twitter.  This photo shoot was actually tagged  “The Farmer Who Loved Me”. Pretty interesting

4. Palm-wine tapper Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo shoot tells a story of a village palm-wine tapper  and a maiden from the early centuries of the Igbo nation before colonization. If you have been to an Igbo wedding before, then you will also appreciate the singing and dance moves of the couple. These “unsigned” pictures of this couple got a lot of people talking on the Internet.

3.  Nollywood Inspired Photo-shoot.

This is another village inspired photo-shoot taking us back in time with love from the 60s to tel us the story of a village hunter who met his girl by the riverside. These stunningly creative pictures of the couple; Jennifer Okpuno and Jnr Pope Odonwodo were taken by  Tobby Extratainment Photography | Twitter

2. Palm-wine Seller Inspired Photo-shoot.

This photo-shootsis another Nollywood inspired one but only that the village recreated was in the city. It shows how a palmwine seller met and fell in love with a girl who went to fetch firewood. These amazingly beautiful photo-shoot of Diane and Antoni, tagged ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” were taken in Victoria Island Lagos by BMB Photography | Instagram | Twitter

1. Underwater Inspired Photo-shoot.

This have to be the most difficult and unique photo-shoot I have seen so far. This couple; Ugochi and Nnamdi  were brave enough to venture underwater in their traditional attire for this photo-shoot even though they can’t swim. This photo-shoot was done by Zorz studiosZorz studios | Twitter

So there you have it guys if you are looking for ideas for your pre-wedding photo-shoots, just take one or blend two ideas from this post and you have yourself something to do.

Thank you all for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments… We hope to read them

This photo-shoots was complied by Francis | OneMind Media

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